Spring Skincare Swaps

Spring is IN. Whether you live in a part of the country that has been soaking up the sun for a few weeks now or are still waiting for winter to loosen its grip, the new season brings all kinds of excitement: wardrobe updates, weekend getaways, and al fresco lunches await. But while you’re shopping for sandals and booking flights, don’t forget that your skincare routine needs a refresh, too.  Just as you probably reached for your favorite Body Butter as soon as temperatures dipped below 50 degrees, you’ll want to make strategic changes when it comes to adjusting your skincare regimen for the warming weather.  Read on to find out what seasonal skincare swaps we’ll be making.

Start Exfoliating

Let’s face it: winter was hard on everyone’s skin. To start preparing yours for sundress season, make regular exfoliation a part of your regimen. Body Buff gently polishes away dead cells while simultaneously providing long-lasting hydration (thanks to a nourishing blend of plant oils). For spring, we particularly love Body Buff Fleur de Rose. It’s infused with rose petals and has a perfect floral scent: the ideal balance of fresh and romantic, and not at all cloying in the way you might expect from traditional flowery fragrances. Make sure to moisturize after use, and treat any particularly dry or rough spots with a few drops of a nourishing body oil like Pure Argan Oil.

Skip the Heavy Moisturizer

Winter necessitates intense hydrating products, but once temps and humidity start to rise, those ultra-rich creams can start to weigh you down. Instead, try a lightweight moisturizer like Body Soufflé or even a fast-absorbing oil. Dry Body Oil has a weightless formula that soaks right into your skin, locking in moisture and improving overall skin tone and texture. The spray applicator also makes it easy to apply quickly on those mornings when you’re pressed for time.

Take Your Vitamins

Vitamin C, that is. This skincare superstar is one of the many ingredients in Night Body Serum that helps prepare your skin for increased exposure. In addition to Vitamin C ester to smooth and strengthen, it contains Holy Basil extract to help protect skin from environmental stressors and an antioxidant-rich blend of argan and tsubaki oils to address loss of firmness and moisture. We recommend applying every night before bed for best results. And results you’ll receive: after only one week of use, 8 out of 10 women noticed firmer and smoother skin.*

Step Up the SPF

You know by now that you should be using sunscreen on your face 365 days a year, regardless of how warm or sunny it is outside. (UV rays penetrate clouds, friends!) But now that you’re packing up your puffy parkas and cozy knits, it’s time to think about sunscreen for the rest of your body, too. Our Sun Collection has the added benefit of not smelling so much like, well, sunscreen, which means you don’t have to leave coworkers wondering if you’re planning to hit the beach on your lunch break. Instead, the products have a Monoï fragrance, a traditional Tahitian perfume oil made by soaking gardenia petals in coconut oil.

*In an independent consumer study on women ages 21–40